On this page we will highlight the Recovery of the Month


The find of the month of June 2016 goes to Lisa B. for finding this beautiful Mexico City Mint Spanish 1763 2 Reale.  Congratulations Lisa on a fantastic find!

 The find for the month of June goes to Steve R. for his Spanish Silver 2 Reale from 1718 in great condition. He found it under a big root around 8" down with his Minelab ETrac.


The find for the month of Febuary goes to Lisa B. for her recovery of a $1.00 Gold coin!



Lisa crosses of a Gold coin from her bucket list!




The coin was stuck to the end of her pinpointer!







 The Recovery for the month of November goes to Dan & Jean J. for their Silver Purse and Barber Coins








Our recovery of the month of October goes to Tony C for recovering a Spanish Cob in Media,PA










Our recovery for the month of January goes to Tony C for his cache recovery & Silver recovery









Tony C's recent silver finds






















Tony C finds Silver cache










Our recovery for the month of June goes to Zenon B for his cache recovery.




















If you would like to submit an entry e-mail photo and story to: n3tuf@comcast.net